Material Distance

John Hansard Gallery,  Southampton UK

“Tallentire encourages us to think again about the spaces and environment that we inhabit. Questions of how we occupy both public and private space are brought to the fore in works that utilise everyday materials, systems and structures.

The significance of the spaces we all inhabit is intriguingly revealed. We are encouraged to think about how our daily lives are impacted by the conditions in which we live. One work, made specially for this exhibition, directly relates to Wyndham Court in Southampton. Plans, measurements, proportions and diagrams are animated and made relatable through Tallentire’s thoughtful depiction of this iconic building.

The specific qualities of the John Hansard Gallery spaces and location are brought beautifully into focus through both new and existing works. Using sightlines between buildings and referring to neighbouring architectural space, Tallentire adapts and roots her work to its locality. However, despite the modest means by which the works are made, Tallentire raises significant questions about the built environment, housing provision, the economics of labour, and the ongoing inadequacies of social housing and its societal impact.”

Installation Photos © Eva Herzog