Material Condition

Tarpaulin and softwood, 122cm x 122cm x 92cm
  • Frieze Art Fair, London, 2016
  • But this material..., The MAC, Belfast, 2021
  • Refuge, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin, 2021
  • Material Distance, John Hansard Gallery, 2022
Filters Sculpture

Material Condition responds to imagery associated with contemporary emergency architecture in Europe today. Here materials (tarpaulin and wood) used in the construction of temporary dwellings, built frequently at speed on sites of humanitarian need, are layered, folded, wrapped, stacked and placed. The work can be read both as a sculpture and three dimensional drawing, each surface revealing a unique pattern relating to the process of making. The title aims to provoke questions regarding legality and the responsibility of governments to provide permanent shelter for all. 

Material Condition: Part I
Material Condition: Part I
Material Condition: Part I
Refuge, Material Condition: Part II
Installation Photos © Andy Keate