Area 2022

28 laminated MDF panels. Dimensions variable.
Material Distance: John Hansard Gallery,  Southampton
Filters Installation

Area 2022 is the fourth iteration of this key work. First exhibited at the Grazer Kunstverein in Graz Austria (2018) and Hollybush Gardens, London (2020) and The MAC Belfast (2021). Area explores how everyday communal social activity can reveal a human desire for an equitable, communal life. Twenty eight laminated coloured panels that replicate the dimensions, colour and the placing of items of furniture and detritus located in a common area of a social housing complex in Graz, are arranged to refer to groupings initially observed. Animating the dynamic between the specific and the generic, the work considers, how the performance of such (collective) placement, especially around everyday objects, can be determined by economic, practical, aesthetic and cultural factors.

Area 2022
Area 2022
Installation Photos © Eva Herzog