242 x 45 x 5.5 cm polystyrene, tarpaulin, mdf, laminate off-cuts, gaffer tape
  • But this Material..., The MAC, Belfast, 2021
  • Material Distance, John Hansard Gallery, 2022
Filters Sculpture

Comprising remaindered materials from other works Slide draws upon a method of working found in works such as Manifesto and Dispersal and Trailer (produced with the artist John Seth in the collaborative practice work-seth/tallentire) that employ processes of chance; assemblage and reassemblage  reducing identification of the objects original use and drawing attention to the objects materiality. 

This assemblage comprises various building materials cut to the dimensions of furniture assigned to prison accommodation. Referencing insulation and rain proofing, the work obliquely speaks to built and lived environments that conceal regulatory restrictions to daily life.

Slide (detail)
Installation Photos © Simon Mills