• Arco, Madrid, 2018
  • But this material..., The MAC, Belfast, 2021
  • Material Distance, John Hansard Gallery, 2022
Filters Sculpture

Interspacings is a series of works that consider the regulatory scale of spaces and living conditions of buildings associated with confinement. Although unstated the dimensions of the materials comprising each work are taken from furniture: beds, chairs, and sinks to reflect directly institutional restrictions embedded in the fabric of daily life.

Interspacing 01
72 x 59 x 32 cms, ecoscreed board, gaffa tape
Interspacing 02
120 x 170 x 17 cms, ecoscreed board, gaffa tape, aluminium foil tape
Interspacing 03
195 x 69 x 23 cms, ecoscreed board, electrical tape, gaffa tape and aluminium foil tape
Interspacing 04
121 x 124 x 18 cms, ecoscreed board, gaffa tape
Interspacing 05
80 x 40 x 40 cm, ecoscreed board and gaffe tape
Installation Photos © Andy Keate | Eva Herzog