Telling it and other works

Picture This,  Bristol UK

“Picture This is delighted to present the work of Anne Tallentire. Working across a range of media and forms including installation, performance and moving image — Tallentire’s practice examines flux, mobility, chance and working with a dismantling, re-figuring and re-ordering of materials and systems primarily in relation to conditions relating to social and political life. Central to Tallentire’s investigation is how this might produce a practice that is in a way more or less permanently on the move, materially and conceptually. For this New Cut we have selected works that reflect Tallentire’s range of moving image work, employing Drift a work that was made over several years and is often shown in different configurations as a leitmotif to punctuate and create a rhythm across the programme – Telling it and other works.” Curated by Lisa Panting.