Telling It

16mm film transferred to video, 18 minutes 34 seconds
  • To Here, Bloomberg Space, London, 2006
  • La Nuit Blanche International Film Festival, Paris, 2006
  • In the Society of London Ladies, Miss China Beauty Room Gallery, Paris, 2007
  • Rolled Up, Rolled Out, Melbourne, Australia, 2008
  • Telling it and other works, Picture This, Bristol, 2011
Filters Moving Image

Depicting the sky and dawn, Telling it was produced in response to an invitation to consider a journey from home to the gallery at Bloomberg Space, located in the City of London. Employing various manoeuvres to interrupt the process of making such as ‘working blind’ Telling it stabilises the primacy of a single shot by working within two imposed limits: the length of the film stock and the time required to make the journey. Telling it was commissioned by Bloomberg SPACE, curated by Sasha Craddock, Graham Gussin and Stephen Hepworth for the exhibition To Here, including work by Keith Coventry, Mustafa Hulusi, Hew Locke, Dietmar Lutz and John Riddy.

Telling It (video still)
Telling It (video still)
Telling It (video still)
Telling It (video still)