The Gap of Two Birds

Performance: (5 hours) and installation; VHS video, wooden screen 244 x 244cm, glass, text on acetate, paper, charcoal, photographs. Super 8 transferred to DVD, 5 minutes 44 seconds, no sound
  • The Showroom, London, 1988
  • Acts of Remembrance, Harris Gallery Museum, Preston, 1989
  • Forbidden Heroines & The Gap of Two Birds, Video Art 90, Cork Film Festival, Triskal Arts Centre, Cork, 1990
  • Live at the Project, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 1990
  • Hysteria Symposium, The Tate Gallery, Liverpool, 1992
  • Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London, 2016
Filters Installation
Moving Image

A super 8 camera taken for a walk over a mountain gap (Maumeen) in the West of Ireland depicts through the sudden and uneven movements of the camera an undulating terrain that alludes both to material and wider political conditions relating to boundaries of place. The video originally shot on super 8 and transferred to VHS and now DVD stands as a single screen work that was first screened as an element within an installation/performance at The Showroom, London. The film was screened in 2016 at Hollybush Gardens Gallery as part of the solo show As Far As.

The Gap of Two Birds performance consisted of the video looped and screened on a monitor, four glass panels inscribed with the words NORTH and SOUTH from which rubbings in charcoal were made onto sheets of white paper. These rubbings were then offered to members of the audience who were invited to discuss the reasons for their selection. This audience intervention formed part of the performance element of the work (5 hours). The work explores ideas relating to boundaries of place, translation and dislocation.

The Gap of Two Birds (installation still)
The Gap of Two Birds (video still)
The Gap of Two Birds (video still)
The Gap of Two Birds
Art page, Circa 50, 1990
Performance, The Showroom, London (1990)
Performance,The Showroom, London (1990)