Altered Tracks

Performance: 20 minutes and installation: photographs 100 x 100cm, sound, charcoal
  • Off The Map, Chisenhale Gallery, London, 1987
  • Lines of Resistance, Rochdale Gallery, Rochdale; Cooper Gallery, Barnsley; The South London Art Gallery, London; Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham; Herbert Read Gallery, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Citizen's Gallery, London, 1990
Filters Installation

Altered Tracks consists of four photographs depicting stones covering sections of an Irish language map of Ireland. On the ground in front of the photographs are lines drawn in charcoal represent Tallentire’s hand. She walks over these lines while listening to two recordings of her palm being read, vocalised in two accents: one English, one Irish. As she walks, the lines the stones depicted in the photographs are placed at intervals along the lines. The work is concerned with questions of individual agency within social, cultural and political parameters of lived experience. Altered Tracks was first performed at Chishenhale Gallery as part of the exhibition Off the Map.

Performance (detail)