Three composite panels made of two 9mm OSB (orientated strand boards) bonded to fireproof insulation thickness, A3 photograph printed on newsprint
  • Every Object is a Thing but not every thing is an object, Hollybush Gardens Gallery, 2018
  • GF3-3, Pi Artworks, 2020
Filters Photography

Here a juxtaposition of elements that comprise the work: 

A photograph made during the building of a youth center in Calais in January 2016 and the materials used in construction is used to address spatial, temporal aspects of image and material. GF3-3 takes its title from a logistics factory setting related to the manufacture and supply of the OSB boards (orientated strand board)engineered from wood strands that are layered, compressed and bonded with resin. Sections of these boards are balanced, layered and propped underneath and around the photograph (printed on news print). Referencing stasis and the incomplete, GF3-3 also produces a tension between that which is depicted and forms of depiction itself.

Installation Photo © Andy Keate