Drift: diagram xiii

  • Drift: diagram xiii, Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London, 2012
Filters Installation

Drift diagram xiii staged 23 video works (including two new works) installation, SD video, monitors, media players, scaffold structure. Exhibited as part of a solo show at Hollybush Gardens Drift diagram xiii examines the physicality of labour at the centre of England’s fiscal capital, where the products of human toil register simultaneously as visible and invisible, additionally abstracted into numerical expressions of ownership represented by the machinations of the financial sector. The agency of those portrayed is thrown into relief by the modernity of what geographers would call a time-space locale within the city. A site is constructed here that reveals bodily comportment and gait bringing us to think about how we might occupy space differently depending on our subject position.

Drift diagram xiii
Drift diagram xiii
Drift diagram xiii, Hollybush Gardens, London, 2012
Installation Photos © Andy Keate