Do You Know This Place

Performance (1 hour) and installation; topsoil, two sheets of Perspex 153 x 153cm, photograph, text, chain link fencing, granite
  • Gracie Fields Live Art Show, Rochdale Art Gallery, Rochdale, 1990
  • A Tall Order: Rochdale Art Gallery in the 1980's, Touchstones, Rochdale, 2023
Filters Installation

Located on two sites in the Rochdale Art Gallery and Rochdale Municipal Park. The performance involved removing 12 square of grass and topsoil, which was then carried into the gallery. The grass was stored for the duration of the exhibition and the earth in the park covered by chain link fencing. Over the duration of the exhibition, the soil in the gallery dried out whilst grass began to grow again outside. At the end of the exhibition, the fencing was removed with stone quarried from the area used to write the title of the work Do you know this place, written on the earth before the grass was replaced. In the gallery, two sheets of Perspex hung suspended above the soil with the epistemological characters from ten titles of the work inscribed.

Do you know this place (detail)