Every Object is a Thing but not every thing is an object

Hollybush Gardens Gallery,  London UK

“‘Every Object is a Thing but not every thing is an object’ brings together seven artists who share an economy of means in their making. Industrially produced materials, functional objects, personal effects and performative situations have been dislocated, re-appropriated, re-contextualised, translated and transformed.

With this exhibition we are interested in looking at the porous and relational, how artworks suggest and evoke possible forms, structures and languages. Each work, an act of transformation, speaks of its process of becoming and thereby a mutability of states. As well though, the works are firmly rooted in social and political conditions that inform the formal and narrative possibilities at play.

Anne Tallentire frequently combines still and or moving images in assemblages and sculptural works that produce spatial, temporal and political dialogue. In GF3-3, 2018 a photograph taken during the building of a youth centre in Calais in January 2016 and building materials, such as those used in the construction of the centre are brought together. GF3 -3 takes its title from a hand written mark related to the factory production set up designed for the supply of three composite panels made of two 9mm OSB (orientated strand boards) bonded to fireproof insulation thickness. The marking indicates that the boards were designated for a ground floor storey. Here five sections of un-bonded OSB boards referencing the geometry of the image are balanced, layered and propped underneath and around the photograph (printed on news print) to address stasis, the incomplete and a conceptual tension between what is depicted and modes of depiction itself.”

Installation Photos © Andy Keate