An Insular Rococo

Hollybush Gardens Gallery,  London UK

“Hollybush Gardens presents An Insular Rococo: an exhibition featuring Julie Becker, K.R.M. Mooney, Jack O’Brien, Charlotte Prodger and Anne Tallentire. The exhibition brings together practices which are intimately connected to site and space, often relating private and public realms as epistemic and experiential containers. Such negotiations involve processes of translation, fragmentation and fascination, considering areas and forms of enclosure through a situated, bodily register. An Insular Rococo affirms alternative subjective readings of environments, attending to material, relational, somatic and uncanny aspects of one’s surroundings.”

“Using everyday materials, Anne Tallentire scrutinises lived structures to consider conditions of habitation and displacement in societies. Tallentire destabilises a politics of spatiality through methodical gestures such as mapping, translation or deconstruction, where analytic assembly retains poetic specificity, often revealing the intimate patterns which inform social and sensory experience. Tallentire’s Fence (2021) is a schematic drawing of an upturned fence in masking tape, based on a photograph taken during a research visit in Belfast. Fence acknowledges creative agency at the edges of public life and continues Tallentire’s attention to a phenomenology of provisional infrastructure. Tallentire’s wall drawing is accompanied by a floor-work from her Turn series (2016). This series comprises industrial materials of film fabric and gaffer tape to mediate on qualities of coverage, impermanence and shelter through gestures of folding and securing.”

Fence, 2022
Turn IV, 2016
Hollybush Gardens Gallery 2022
Installation Photos © Eva Herzog