Who is here

30 second 16mm film loop
  • Anthology, Film in Space, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2012
Filters Moving Image

Who is here deals with the unseen apparatus, materials and processes of exhibition making. End credits listing all those employed at the gallery roll continuously, superimposed upon a performed pan shot of the gallery floor. The short film loop depicts a scroll of end titles listing all the workers at Camden Art Centre, from interns to Director. The panning shot of the terrazzo floor of the upper gallery is constructed by walking with the camera from one end of the space to another in 30 seconds. Moving across what was the original gallery floor, Tallentire’s pan shot references the history of the building strategy. Such strategies are contingent on determined rules or schema, the adoption and adaptation of such structural logics being typical of Tallentire’s practice. For Who is here, the task being to produce a film loop of no more than 30 seconds in length.

Who is here (video still)
Who is here (video still)