Through Air

High Definition video, 6 second loop; sheet glass 1.5m x 2.8m; airborne seed of Silver Birch (scientific name Betula pendula), also known as European White Birch of the Betulaceae family. Believed to have originated at the end of the Cretaceous period about 70 million years ago, the Silver Birch grows naturally in western Europe: eastwards to Kazakhstan; the Sakha Republic in Siberia; Mongolia and the Xinjiang province in China; and southwards to the mountains of the Caucasus and northern Iran, Iraq and Turkey.
  • Winter Garden, Flat Time House, 2015
Filters Installation
Moving Image

Through Air consists of three elements: a large pane of glass encrusted with a surface of city grime, seeds and speckles of paint (found in Flat Time House garden used by the late artist John Latham in his studio) propped against the gallery wall; a video loop of a single exhaled breath filmed in late December 2014 and a description of the work itself incorporated into the gallery plan, suggesting a scales of migration in that which is overlooked.  

High definition video, 6 second loop
Sheet glass 1.5m x 2.8m
Through Air (detail)
Airborne seed of silver birch
Installation Photos © Hilary Knox