Resisting the Lullaby

Performance (15 minutes) installation; glass 3.6 x 1.8m, sound, keys, photocopies 1 x 1.2m
  • Camerawork, London, 1991
  • Resisting the Lullaby II, Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, 1994
Filters Installation

Resisting the Lullaby examined the temporal conditions under which subjectivities may be produced. Enlarged photocopies of fragmented images relating to childhood were fly posted daily one over another, an action that Tallentire refers to as absent performance. This produced, over the duration of the show, a palimpsest that could be viewed from multiple positions from outside and in the space, including from behind a large pane of glass suspended between two pillars of the gallery covered in hieroglyphs relating to the title of the work. The sound element of the work consisted of a lullaby played and slowed down, which hovered over the gallery floor.

Resisting the Lullaby
Resisting the Lullaby (Camerawork)
Resisting the lullaby (Performance)
Resisting the Lullaby (Camerawork)