Readers: Chelsea Library 040413

Two glue-bound paper stacks for distribution, perspex box and bibliography
  • Chelsea Library, London, 2013
Filters Installation

Related to Pursuit of Happiness and The Readers, Chelsea Library consists of taxonomy of reading practices at a particular time – in this case in an art school. Titles and lines from pages of books found on a library trolley waiting to be shelved form the material of the work. The ‘give away’ mode of distribution further raises questions of choice and autonomy.

This work formed part of the exhibition Some undisclosed points of remove with Melanie Counsell, Sara MacKillop, Anne Tallentire, Sabine Tholen and Joëlle Tuerlinckx at Chelsea College of Art & Design, Old College Library.

Readers: Chelsea library 040413
Readers: Chelsea library 040413