Manifesto 2 [work-seth/tallentire]

Performance (12 hours), found objects (dimensions variable), video projector , 2 slide projectors, OHP projection
  • Sum of the Parts (Day 1), Yes, Let's Go, South London Gallery, 2002
Filters Installation
Moving Image

Commissioned to make a performance for day one of a week-long showcase of contemporary performance art, titled Sum of the Parts, Yes let’s go is the second part of a series of works under the title of Manifesto. Developed from ongoing research into the relationship between the politics and aesthetics of contingency, the work engages the medium of durational performance to stage the provisionality of decisions and an ethics of dialogue. Entirely wordless, the performers (Seth and Tallentire) communicate through action and repose, constructing and disassembling sites of shelter and/or monuments; sometimes horizontal, sometimes vertical, making use of ‘found materials’ from around the streets of the artists’ studio. The constructions are also drawn into a dialogue with the moving and projected image: video, slide and OHP projection. The ‘stage’ of the performance works across the entire floor of the gallery and incorporates the audience into its space. In this way, the performance makes no demarcation between the site of performance and the place of the audience.


Manifesto 2