Interruptions [work-seth/tallentire]

Performance (4 hours) and installation; metal container (dimensions variable), salt, fax, electric fire, water, two chairs, metal sheet 123 x 45cm
  • Interruptions, The Showroom, London, 1993
Filters Installation

Interruptions at The Showroom was the first of the Interruptions series made with John Seth as part of the collaborative project work-seth/tallentire and the first work of their collaboration. During the four hour performance, images of stones arrived into the space by Fax which Tallentire and Seth put through a variety of processes, washing, laying out on a thick bed of salt that covered the floor, drying by an electric fire and pasting to a wall in the front space of the gallery which had to be accessed under a metal plate hung in the door space. This repetitive series of meaningless actions circulated around a concern to explore repository, dwelling and space. A second version of this performance was made for Sheffied Media festival the same year.

Interruptions (performance detail)
Installation Photo © Lanis Levy