Instances III

Instances is a three-part work consisting of: a video projection, a video/performance cycle shot with a hand held camera and an 11 second video performance loop of a single image
  • Instances, Venice Biennale, 1999
  • Instances, IMMA, Dublin, 2010
  • Instances III, As Far As, Hollybush Gardens Gallery, London, 2015
Filters Moving Image

Instances III depicts a single action of an ear pressed against a city wall. The only movement in the 11 second looped sequence is an almost imperceptible fluttering of hair. Instances III belongs to a long standing practice of Tallentire’s performances for video made in the city: Do you know this place (1990), Inscribe I (1994), Inscribe II (1995), Trailer (1998) and Instances (1999). Initially made for and included in Trailer by work seth-tallentire with camera-work by John Seth, Instances III formed the central part of the Instances trilogy when Tallentire was sole representative for Ireland at Venice Biennale.

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