Inscribe II

Performance (4 hours), transmitted as live performance via ISDN [in collaboration with Sirah Izhar]
  • Strike Project, British Telecom Building, London and The Telecom Eireann Building, Frederick Street, Dublin, 1994
Filters Moving Image

Inscribe II took place simultaneously in an empty office block at London Wall and in The Orchard Gallery Derry, close and within the city walls of both cities. Using ISDN technology, a durational action was viewed live by an audience in Derry and transmitted simultaneously for screening in London. Images of the audience in London watching this action (washing a section of wall of the gallery, until the paint came away to reveal the stone beneath) were also transmitted in real-time back to Derry. This meant audiences in both locations were able to speak to each other about the performed action in real time. The interest in each other’s reaction to the momentary collapse of time between two contested sites became integrated into the work and its meaning.

Inscribe II
Inscribe II
ws_Inscribe II_audience in London 2 B&W(1995) copy
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WS Inscribe II_audience in London 1 (1995)
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