Field Study I

Power points / film loops, 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Gracelands, Leitrim, Ireland, 2010
Filters Moving Image

Field Study focuses upon the construction of alternative histories based on data recording of plants in unlikely habitats. The work, involving the collection and identification of plants growing at a specific time of year in a specific location (in this instance in an uncultivated meadow in the west of Ireland), considers the significance of naming, categorisation and translation. Form and duration are structured upon the task to collect and identify as many indigenous plants as possible until one non-indigenous species is found. The work seeks to question our relation to habitat and the seemingly familiar and aims to operate as a metaphor for flows of peoples and languages of colonialism, migration and power. A playful, ironic approach is adopted with the use of Power-point presentation, a generic visual display devise, used frequently for educational instruction. 

Field Study I (video still)