Dispersal [work-seth/tallentire]

Monitors, gallery detritus, wood, newspapers, ladder
  • Dispersal [work-seth/tallentire], Orchard Gallery, Derry, 2000
Filters Installation

Dispersal proposed a politics of improvisation and action that follow from Trailer, opening up questions concerning spatiality and operations of chance. To begin with, Dispersal employed a process of gathering images and materials, later constituting the work as it evolved in the gallery over a two-week period during which the public were invited to observe a performative process of making. Before arriving in Derry, a cinematographer took photographs and gathered detritus according to prescribed rules from sites across Derry that were selected according to a process of chance. These materials were then added to from the Orchard gallery stores. After the period of working live, Dispersal resided as an installation for three weeks. In a further elaboration of the work, work-seth/tallentire invited the Derry artists Locky Morris and Conor McFeeley to produce a sound work in response.

Orchard Gallery, Derry
Dispersal (detail)
Orchard Gallery, Derry
Dispersal (detail)
Dispersal Methodology
Dispersal methodology