2022 Outermost 2 notes, (work on paper for distribution, folded to A5), Material Distance, John Hansard Gallery

2022 Response to Pale Blue Dot (1990) by Voyager 1 (image), Pilot Press

2022 Look Over, (book), Joan X Fine Art Stanley Picker Programme

2022 In a Shallow Time, (online video animation), Becoming Fireflies, Copy Press

2022 Paperboy, Issue 3, Good News, (centrefold pages)

2022 response response, for and with Áine McBride, (work on paper, edition of 2) From Here to There, The Douglas Hyde, Dublin

2021 Outermost notes, (work on paper for distribution, folded to A5), But this material…, The MAC, Belfast

2021 List, (latex print on paper, A0), But this material…, The MAC, Belfast

2021 Shelter notes, (work on newsprint for distribution, A3), Edicola Project, Italy

2018 Back Drive, (screenplay), Yellow Papers, Copy Press, London

2016 Shelter notes, (work on paper for distribution, A3), Shelter, Nerve Centre, Derry

2015 The Only Way Home is Through the Show: Performance work of Lois Weaver, Jen Harvie and Lois Weaver, Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books

2013 Object of a life, (book) Copy Press, London

2011 Hide, (text pages eds. Ruth Maclennan and Anna Hart) AIR, London

2011 Proof Reader, text pages for Proof-Reading devised by Colm Lally and Sissu Tarka, published by AND, London 2007

2010 Nowhere else, (work on paper for distribution, folded to A4), This, and other things, IMMA, Dublin

2005 Drift still 05.14 (photo-work), 100 Artworks for Circa, Circa No.100 (Summer 2002) 2002 Strike (text/image work), curated by Gavin Wade, adjusted by Liam Gillick, Wolverhampton Art Gallery

2005 Private Views, (assemblage) for Paul O’Neill, London, Print Studio, London and Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

2001 The Fact of the Matter, with Monica Ross London: (Print on demand) Proboscis, 2000 [diffusion.org.uk]

1994 Interruptions [work-seth/tallentire], Third Text No. 24